Stairform Pty Ltd

Speed and accuracy is the essence of construction. The steel staircase is a sacrificial mould that remains in position forever. Stairs, landings and handrails are made from galvanized steel and painted with duragal silver.

We manufacture according to architectural and engineering drawings on a project by project basis. Stairs are crane lifted into the building at the last level to be concreted and then manhandled into position even if the shaft has progressed ahead of the floor slabs.

Our Services

Method Statement

since it is constructed within a concrete core, STAIRF0RM and landings can be cast well ahead of the floors on building projects. This largely solves a significant access issue and reduces construction cycle times.

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Scissor Stairs

Ideal for fire escapes with a spine wall staggered flight. We do have a beam which is made specifically for the support of block work, or other spine wall construction methods.

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Cut Profile Stairs

Cut Profile is used in open areas where a high standard of presentation is desirable. Tiling, carpet and timber can be used over the top of these stairs.

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