Stairform is now making pre-fabricated Columns. We have been developing the product since 2 - 3 Years now. The Columnform product is now engineered and certified. We supply a fully welded Reo cage within formwork as per Engineer's specifications. The Formwork component is 2.5mm galvanized steel.

We have a dedicated factory for our Columnform in Dandenong. We have done 32 projects in the last 12 months, working for companies like Probuild, Hutchinson builders and Pasific Formwork in Queensland. In Victoria, we are working with companies like Crema, I&D, Probuild and Wincropp. In Sydney, we are working on projects for DA &s RA Building, Formtech and Prestige Formwork.

Our Columnform product supplied with or without reo is advantageous for hassle-free construction of any sized columns or blade walls.

  • Columnforms are easy and very quick to install. External bracings are supplied (To be returned at the end of the job)
  • Can be used for any size from 300 x 300 upto 3250 x 350 size Column / Blade walls ( upto 6m wide, split in 2 )
  • Reinforcement including Bar processing and Welded rebar cages can be supplied by Stairform or by others.
  • Saves with crane time, eliminates on-site steel fixing and reduces from working significantly for Columns.
  • No stripping or rendering required. Can be covered by other finishes.

Lead Time : 2-3 weeks after the Quote Acceptance form (or after Contact)

Please contact Vijay ( Mobile : +61 4 0003 5467) to findout how we can fast track your construction with Columnform Systems.